Faith Fellowship's Story

improving life, knowledge and understanding!

After wandering in the wilderness of identity for a year, Pastor Mark A. Williams, Partner in Ministry Nadra, and 62 faithful people committed to following the call of God on their lives.  The path included bible studies in the home of Jessie and Jean Farley, worship services at the Dynasty Suites and Corona Library, to our current location.

Finally, after arriving at the promise land of purpose and after living out Romans 8:28, believing that “all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and those who are called according to his purpose”, Faith Fellowship Bible Church was organized on June 24, 2001, with 162 charter members.

Being fully committed to becoming a church, true to its name, Faith Fellowship made a complete break from the traditions of the past while becoming a group organized by faith and making a new kind of fellowship a priority.

We believe the Bible to be God's Word, completely true in all that it affirms.  All of our teaching and preaching is designed to be based on the Bible and to demonstrate how its principles apply to everyday life.

By placing the Bible in its rightful position and being free to worship in spirit and in truth, we believe that the city of Corona is our set place.  We are certain that we can best serve this area by inviting and encouraging people from various church backgrounds to join together in our community of faith.  We also believe that God has ordained us to grow and prosper in this great city.  Where a person or a family chooses to worship is an important decision – one that we believe is very personal.  Faith Fellowship takes every person’s decision to be a part of Faith very seriously.

We are continuously organizing ministries that will help people grow into and within the kingdom of God.  The Jewel's Ministry, the Fisher's of Men Ministry, Life Partners, Golden Years, Youth and Young Adult ministries are all examples of how this church is making an impact in the Kingdom of God.

We're all about relationships and resources. We believe that through Christ we can have a real relationship with God.  His Word has direction and answers to help us develop significant, meaningful relationships with other people.  Everything we do at Faith is focused on the goal of providing practical resources to help all of us grow in Christ together.

We are all work in progress. It really doesn’t matter what happened in your past or how you still might be struggling today. There is always room for those who really want to find God’s path through His word.

We look forward to having you and your family becoming a part of OUR STORY!!!